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1" Diameter D-Rings
1" Metal Slider - Adjustable
1" Rectangular D-Ring Set
1/2" Dia. Magnetic Snap - 1 per Package
1/2" diameter D-Rings
10mm Magnetic Sew-In Snaps
1-1/2" Diameter D-Rings
1-1/2" Metal Slider - Adjustable
1-1/2" Rectangular D-Ring Set
1-1/4" Rectangular D-rings
1-1/4" Slider Set
14mm Magnetic Sew-In Snaps
3/4" Adjustable Metal Sliders
3/4" Dia. Magnetic Snap - 1 per Package
3/4" Diameter D-Rings
3/4" Rectangular Adjustable Metal Slider Set
3/4" Rectangular D-Ring Set
Cell Phone Hardware Kit
Large Swivel Hook
Purse Feet (12mm) Set of 4
Purse Feet (15mm dia) Set of 4
Rectangular 1" Slider Set
Rectangular 1.5" Slider Set
SC- 20 "Marissa's Bag"
SC-01 "KiKi's Bag"
SC-02 "Annie's Bag"
SC-03 "Jennifer's Bag"
SC-04"LuLu's Bag"
SC-05 "Patty's Bag"
SC-06 "Shelley's Bag"
SC-07 "Nicki's Bag"
SC-08 "The Sew Easy Wallet"
SC-09 "Bow'led Over Bag"
SC-10 "A Sweet & Simple Bag"
SC-11 "Lisa's Bag"
SC-12 "Erica's Bag"
SC-13 "Maddie's Bag"
SC-14 "Cami's Tote"
SC-15 "Lizabeth's Bag"
SC-16 "Katie's Bag"
SC-17 "Jenna's Bag"
SC-18 "Peggy's Bag"
SC-19 "Michelle's Bag"
SC-203 "The Cell Phone Sack"
SC-21 "Crissandra's Bag"
SC-22 "Donna's Bag"
SC-23 "Pamela's Bag"
SC-24 "The Sew Easy E-Reader Bag"
SC-25 "Fun & Fancy Bags"
SC-26 "Brenda's Bag"
SC-27 "Sew Easy i-Pad Tote"
SC-28 "Louise's Bag"
SC-29 "Ella B's Bag"
SC-30 "Hands-Free Hipster Bag"
SC-32 "Sew-Easy Accessories"
SC-37 - "The Sew Easy Hipster"
SC-40 "Josie's Bag"
SC-43 "Christine's Bag"
SC-44 "Gisela's Bag"
SC-45 "Nancy's Bag"
SC-46 "Colleen's Bag"
SC-47 "Renee's Bag"
SC-48 "Jody's Bag"
SC-49 "Heather's Bag"
Small Swivel Hook
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